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Founded in 2012, by like minded shareholder, Trust African Bank (TAB) is a financial institution that will provide financial and banking service in compliance with Sharia guidelines and banking regulations in Somalia.

TRUST AFRICAN BANK commits to provide a differentiated banking products and services through its experienced management team and up-to-date technology that operates within Sharia principle

TRUST AFRICAN BANK wants to have every shareholder to read and sign a document (company bylaws) which stipulates, among other things, requirement for joining and/or withdrawing from the company as a shareholder.

Developmental objectives and strategic partners:

  • TRUST AFRICAN BANK has planned to expand into all Somalia major cities and the neighbouring countries, where we already have footprint of providing money transfer services.
  • The objective of the project is to build a major regional bank by offering a profitable Islamic product to both existing and potential customers. The extensive client base of TRUST AFRICAN BANK provides business and marketing support to the new bank.
  • Strategic partners, especially financial institutions that already have a presence in the target countries give us an opportunity to network with world


Our mission is to excel as an Islamic Bank by providing differentiated financial and banking services. TRUST AFRICAN BANK will maintain good relationship with our clients, by providing high quality products and personalized service. TRUST AFRICAN BANK will also provide competitive pay to its employees so as to attract highly professional bankers.


TBA focus on three key objectives:

Accountability, Integrity, Profitability and Sharia compliance.

  • Accountability will be achieved by selecting highly professional employees, and innovative technology.
  • Integrity is a result of upholding Sharia principles, which we believe to be the driving force of our organizational values.
  • Profitability comes with maximizing market potential, by offering quality product and services.

Core Values

We are guided by and strive to uphold the following core values in all the activities we undertake.

  1. Professionalism
  2. Integrity
  3. Creativity and Innovation
  4. Teamwork
  5. Unity of purpose
  6. Respect and dedication to customer care
  7. Effective Corporate Governance