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Trust savings account

With restrictions on withdrawals, this earning account helps you save up for future investments and purchases

Requirement for Trust saving accounts

  • Original and copy of National ID/driving license or passport.
  • Funds to be invested. Minimum 5,000 USD
  • Two coloured passport size photos.

Benefits for trust saving account

  • Only 4 withdrawals per year (once every 3months).
  • USD be charges per transaction after more than 4 transactions in a year.
  • Interest earned if less than 4 withdrawals are made per year.
  • No charges on deposits

Student account


Ideal for students at college or university, these accounts lets you access your money at counter and save for you future studies

Standard requirement

  • 2 latest coloured Passport sized photographs.
  • Original and Photocopy of National Identity card or Passport or driving licenses
  • Original and Photocopy of Student Identity card or a letter of Introduction from college or university.

Benefits for student account

  • Parents can deposit pocket money for their students who are away in college or university.
  • Students have safe and secure access to their money.
  • Get one free banker’s cheque every school term.

Junior club account

Secure your child’s financial future. Start saving now.
Standard Requirement

  • Copy of birth certificate/birth notification for the child.
  • Parent’s documents – copy of national ID/passport and 2 passport coloured photographs

Benefits for the junior club account

  • Interest earned once a year
  • Free bankers cheque every term for school fees.
  • Enjoy discounts at partner outlets e.g. Text book centre and uniform centre

Hajji Savings Account


This is an account designed specifically for the purposes of saving for Hajj (Pilgrimage)


  • Available in USD, Euro and GBP
  • Free cash transfers within our TAB branch network
  • No account maintenance charge
  • Gift Pack for Hajj pilgrims